Welcome To Focus Venture Partners

Focus Venture Partners, Inc. features investments in growing telecom companies including Focus Fiber Solutions, Jus-Com and Promotum. For the past four years, FVP has developed a track record of sound business management and revenue growth for its operating subsidiaries. The founders have extensive experience in acquisitions and are jointly responsible for the success of previously-acquired businesses Mercer Staffing (17th fastest-growing private company, Inc. Magazine 2006) and Cabot Marsh (93rd fastest-growing private company, Inc. Magazine 1998). Significant growth and consolidation in the wireless and broadband sectors are creating an attractive acquisition environment. It also works to FVP's advantage that the Company already has strategic relationships with some of the largest telecom players in the country.


New Targets, New Opportunities

FVP is seeking to acquire additional businesses with revenues between $5 million and $50 million in the telecommunications sector. FVP's approach to acquisitions – taking a 100% ownership stake, yet keeping existing management engaged and incentivized – promises to yield a win/win scenario for both FVP and the subsidiary.

We provide expansion capital, unparalleled management expertise, strategic relationships and operational efficiencies to help small telecom businesses grow and scale. As our current holdings attest, a seasoned management team with a proven track record and strong private equity background can accomplish impressive growth for the right partners. Target businesses will meet the following criteria:

  • $5 million to $50 million in revenue
  • High margins
  • Capital-light structure
  • Intact, skilled management team
  • Large addressable market
  • Unique positioning or value proposition

Advantages of Teaming with Focus Venture Partners

Small and midsize telecom companies exhibit three common problems:

  • Poor financial management and oversight
  • Inability to properly price and manage projects
  • Heavy customer concentration and limited capabilities

As the existing FVP portfolio companies have found, we deliver extraordinary support to acquired businesses, helping them reap the benefits of efficiencies from both front office and back. FVP can recapitalize its subs to get them back on track for growth while providing instrumental support:

  • Identify and maximize synergies
  • Assist owner(s) to execute vision
  • Improve financial management
  • Ensure proper capital structure
  • Capitalize on back office synergies
  • Develop a long-term plan
  • Reposition/restructure company for future sale
  • Find strategic future buyers for company